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Provided Programs

Ex-Offender's Reentry Program

Job Readiness Program

Family Aftercare Program


Recidivism is the act of a person repeating an undesirable behavior after they have either experienced negative consequences of that behavior, or have been trained to extinguish that behavior.

Recidivism is an epidemic that can be remedied with necessary resources.  Resources that can help individuals who have been incarcerated and are now looking for help in their everyday struggle to survive.   Ex-offenders are just that, EX offenders.  They have served their time and paid their debt to society.  Recidivism is a 98% guaranty  for ex-offenders if needed resources are not made available to them.


ENAA.US is dedicated to researching and developing resources across the nation to help ex-offenders to re-integrate in main stream society by offering them resources that will help them become independent citizens once again.  We endeavor to empower them to provide for themselves and their families by offering them employment and financial resources. 


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